Did you have a summer of fun at the beach, ballpark or golf course? While you probably had hours of enjoyment basking in the sun, chances are your skin is feeling a little less enthused. If you suffered any skin damage this summer, use these tips from ArmstrongMD to help repair it.

1. Exfoliate and moisturize

If you just had a small sunburn, you might be able to get away with simply exfoliating and moisturizing your dry, parched skin. Often, sun disrupts the natural balance of moisture and oil in your skin, causing it to look and feel unhealthy. To restore this balance, you’ll need to remove the top layer ofdead skin cells and rehydrate the young, healthy cells underneath.

Try a soft sugar scrub to gently remove dead skin cells, or use a alpha-hydroxy acid treatment to chemically remove them. Afterwards, lather up with your favorite moisturizer to start repairing the damage.

2. IPL photofacials

If the damage to your face is a little more severe, you might be in need of an IPL photofacial. With this procedure, we can help remove fine lines and brown spots that have appeared on your face. It works by using a laser to penetrate deep under the skin, targeting these blemishes and imperfections. The heat of the laser breaks themup, and your body naturally disposes of them.

3. Laser treatments

We offer numerous laser treatments to reduce fine lines and wrinkles fromsummer skin damage. Some ofour most popular options include TotalFX, DeepFX, ActiveFX, Diolite laser and Revlite laser. We can performthese procedures anywhere on your body to remove sunspots and help tighten up any loose or sagging areas.

4. Venus Viva

Does your skin feel so rough and parched that you think it’d be better to completely resurface it? That’s where Venus Viva comes in. This is a special treatment we offer to completely remove the top layer of your skin to reveal the fresh, new skin underneath. It’s a treatment that works well for all skin tones and offers minimum downtime, so you won’t have to waste your whole fall recovering.

5. Cosmetic treatments

Ofcourse, lasers aren’t the only way to get back the sparkling skin you had at the start of summer. You can also venture into cosmetic treatments to improve the look and feel ofyour skin from the inside-out. For example, a microdermabrasion treatment is a good way to spruce up the skin ofyour face and remove dead skin cells, while a platelet-rich plasma injection stimulates blood flow and encourages healing.

If you’re uncertain which approach is best for managing your dry, cracked and wrinkled after-summer skin, we can help. Just contact the doctors at ArmstrongMD today to get started.