Tattoos are so popular that about a third of women and men in the United States have at least one. Among millennials, that figure jumps to 50%. But along with their ubiquity have come quite a lot of myths about how, when, and if you can remove tattoos.

The dermatologists at Advanced Skincare MedCenter in Newport Beach, Fullerton, and  Brentwood, California, are experts at removing tattoos safely with state-of-the-art lasers. Here they discuss some of the most common myths and facts about getting “uninked” for good:

MYTH: Most people love their tattoos

FACT: Tattoo regret is all too common

Tattoos are supposed to be permanent. After all, the ink is cut into your skin. So no one would ever get a tattoo without being 100% certain about keeping it for life, right?

Actually, about a quarter of people with tattoos regret them. Whether you tattooed impulsively, were disappointed with your artists’ technique, or just outgrew your tattoo, you have plenty of company.

MYTH: Tattoos can never be completely removed

FACT: Laser tattoo removal completely removes tattoos

At Advanced Skincare MedCenter, the experts use state-of-the-art lasers that remove your tattoo, no matter what color or shape. After your final removal session, your body needs another few months to completely process and eliminate the shattered pigment so that your skin is clear again.

MYTH: You can remove a tattoo yourself

FACT: Tattoos must be removed by a trained laser professional

Google “DIY tattoo removal” and you’ll find plenty of sites with remedies from scrubbing with salt to peeling with chemicals. But these harsh techniques are not only ineffective, they can permanently damage your skin.

Your Advanced Skin Care Medical Center expert calibrates the laser to target only the pigment in your tattoo so that your skin stays safe and undamaged. Your expert shatters one layer of pigment at a time, giving your body a chance to process and excrete the tiny bits of pigment over the next month or two.

MYTH: You should remove tattoos as soon as you get them

FACT: Wait at least two months before removing a new tattoo

Your skin needs time to heal before you start the tattoo-removal process. New tattoos can be easier to remove than older tattoos though, so if you’re sure you’re ready to say goodbye, start sooner rather than later.

MYTH: You can’t remove light colors

FACT: The latest lasers remove light colors

The lasers at Advanced Skincare MedCenter are advanced enough to target whites and yellows, but it is a longer process. First, the heat and pressure from the laser oxidizes light colors, so they darken. Then your dermatologist targets the oxidized colors and removes them, too.

MYTH: You can’t remove just part of a tattoo

FACT: An expert can target details

If you only want to remove parts of your tattoo, your Advanced Skincare MedCenter expert shields the sections of your tattoo that you’d like to preserve. The laser energy is targeted only to the areas you want eliminated.

MYTH: Laser tattoo removal is fast

FACT: Tattoo removal takes time and patience

Getting a tattoo is a much easier and quicker process than removing one. You must be patient, because the ink is shattered layer by layer, leaving at least two months between each removal session. Most tattoos require at least five to ten sessions.

If you’re ready to get uninked, contact us now to have your tattoo evaluated by experts. Set up a laser tattoo-removal consultation online or call us today.